2021 11 04

Vibrant colours for autumn – cold season‘s trend to create a joyful mood

We frequently wear colourful and bright clothes, but by picking the proper colours and mixing them with the outfits which are already in your wardrobe, you will be more noticed and more confident while walking down the street. Bright colours in your attire mean a smile on your face and happiness in your eyes!


The lovely blue – everywhere you turn

When people are asked what their favourite colour is, they frequently respond with blue. However, only few of those people have anything other than blue jeans in their closets. This season, the blue colour is dominant on the runways, in the streets, and on store shelves. Choose tones of dark blue or royal blue that will go with both earth-toned outfits.

The renaissance of green

In 2021, green is seeing a major resurgence. She is rising to the autumn-winter season after conquering the wardrobes of fashionistas this summer. Green garments appear vivid at first glance, but they are quite easy to match – with other greens, beige tones and especially with black that everyone already adores. This season, almost all shades of green are in fashion, from lush emeralds to brilliant, almost electric green.

Autumn sun with a little golden tint

You will always find yellow colour clothes on the clothing store shelves. However, this season yellow is a dominant colour. A bright yellow coat or a bomber-style jacket may be used as the central focus of the outfit - you'll look trendy and won't be cold on cold days.

Autumn's colour palette

Although we are more likely to wear bright and colourful clothes in the summer, we should not be frightened to do so in the fall. SOULZ's summer collection has a mix of bright and pastel colours seen on long-sleeved dresses, tights, purses, and wide T-shirts