2021 10 21

Earth tone style – one of the most striking trends of this fall/winter season

At the end of a colorful, pastel-toned summer, we push bright colour clothes away. We return to the autumn filled with earth tones, where brown, green, blue and khaki shades dominate the most, together with bright, rich colourful details and accessories. 

Lightness of the sand tones

Beige, sand tone clothes are one of the most desired apparel this season. Not only they go well with different combinations, but they will also bring lightness and light to autumn styles, which we sometimes miss by jumping into dark clothes straightaway.

The solidity of chaki

These days khaki colour is strongly established in our wardrobe and clothing stores. Khaki tones are an allusion to firmness and sharpness. However, it can be styled and worn every day, it is easy to match and can become an accent of any outfit, or a strong base.

Sweet chocolate details

The rich chocolate colour is one of the most practical trends of this season, which is worth combining into your style. Brown tone clothes and accessories look very high quality and will be timeless items in your closet.

Bright details

If you don‘t like super bright and shiny clothes, but think that your outfits are boring, let bright details and accessories come to your wardrobe. Soulz suggests paying attention to bright colour accessories that you can stand out with and match with different outfits.

The warmth of grey

Grey colour is not disappearing anywhere this season – it is a staple classic colour that will never be boring. Combine light grey clothes with green, chaki, red, blue or other bright colours and your outfits will become joyful and matching with the autumn atmosphere.