2022 01 14

The trend of 2022: the purple revolution

As 2022 has approached, we are not only creating our resolutions for the coming year, we are also starting to look at what to add to our wardrobes in the spring. That’s where trend forecaster Pantone came in and brought a statement to the entire fashion world - the third year of the pandemic will be much brighter and more fun, with lots of blue-purple clothing coming to the store shelves that will really make you smile. SOULZ will share recommendations regarding what clothes and accessories will be highlighted in 2022.

We have already seen the pastel colour revolution in 2021, which means that there will certainly be no shortage of them in the coming years. Many shades of blue, green, yellow and pink will remain at the top of the popularity. But bluish purple, also known as Very Peri – will be royal all year round. Experts call this shade warm, friendly, a bit windy and joyful. That is what we have been missing!


Shine bright on celebrations

No matter when and what occasions you celebrate, we can always discover opportunities to dress up so you really don’t have to wait for spring to dress up in bright purple clothes. Choose purple, silk-like dresses or blouses and purple tweed jackets for the holiday season. And if you have decided on wearing a different colour dress, choose a more playful accessory or match it with purple tights and high heels! After all, the holiday season is exactly the time when you can go out of your comfort zone. Such clothes are currently offered by the brands Mango, Orsay, Villa.

Dark but not dull shades for winter

Even though we have entered into 2022 surrounded by snowflakes, that doesn’t really mean we have to hide behind dark colors. SOULZ recommends paying attention to deep purple outerwear and accessories. Pay attention to faux fur or wool coats, warm sweaters with a high neck, or ultra-stylish shoes with purple details that are sure to find a place in your closet for many upcoming autumns. If you think you are not ready for bright outerwear, choose a bright scarf, hat or gloves - they will be a great accent for any outfit. Take a look into Mango, Maje, Pieces brands for beautiful coats and boots.

Comfortable and colourful leisure time

Comfortable but at the same time stylish casual suits have already become an integral part of our closets. Then why not make comfort stylish? Choose purple cotton sweaters and pants, mix different shades of purple, or choose a solid colour set. Dark details and outerwear will go well with this leisure wear set and it will remain the accent of the stylish outfit. To make a casual activewear suitable not only for home, match massive boots and stylish handbags. Such clothes are offered to you by the brands Vero Moda, Sandro, Noisy May.

Bright winds in the men's closets

When we talk about colours in clothes, we really don’t think only about womenswear. We also encourage men to choose bright details, for whom there is no shortage of choice. The purple colour dominates in men's casual sweaters, high-neck sweaters and shirts - change your white shirt to more interesting and playful ones! You will definitely find such variants at the brands Boss, Tommy Jeans, Commander.