2021 12 07

Let the shining season begin! Festive outfits with SOULZ

The most beautiful holidays of the year Christmas and New Years are approaching, where our days are always filled with high mood as we are heading into a period of celebrations and parties. However, whether it is a Christmas dinner with friends, colleagues or even New Years eve, we are always worried - what to dress during the holidays? Here, SOULZ comes to the rescue and will answer your question.

Glitter, glitter, glitter!

It would probably be very difficult to imagine a festive period without glitters or glossy fabrics. This season, SOULZ offers a choice of glittered jackets and dresses for the festive period - such clothes are offered by the brands Vero Moda, Maje, Mango. Also, you pay attention to the shiny fabric blouses that can be matched with black pants and jackets - they will become a real highlight of the outfit! If, however, you are not confident in wearing bold clothes, pay attention to shiny details or accessories - the outfit will definitely be more festive by having a shiny handbag or high-heels with glossy details. The brands Mango, Morgan, Vero Moda offer such festive details this season.

The luxury of silk

If you are not a fan of glitter and prefer to choose classic clothes -  silk is perfect for the holiday season. The extremely easy-falling and luxuriously shiny fabric gives sophistication and stylish modernity. Light silk or silk-like dresses are perfect for celebrations - look for them in Mango and Dixie brand assortiments. If you are afraid that with this type of dress you will be cold, match it with an oversized classic jacket and knee-lenght heels. You will look more impressive than ever, and when the dances will warm you up, you can hang the jacket on the back of the chair.

Velvet – soft as always

Velvet clothes don’t have many occasions to be worn, however, the holiday season is exactly when we can dress up. Choose velvet dresses – shorter and bold models will look great as they can perfectly shape your body up. Such dresses are perfect for those whose party will take place in a slightly colder environment because a thicker fabric will definitely not allow you to freeze. This season you will definitely find this type of dresses in Mango, Marella, KMX assortments. However, if you do not prefer to wear a dress, pay attention to velvet jackets. Or, if you have a themed party waiting for you, maybe velvet gloves reminding of the 80s are perfect for the outfit?

Cosy holidays at home

If you are planning to spend the holiday season at home with your loved ones but want to step out of your casual clothes, SOULZ recommends paying attention to cosy knitted dresses or sweaters with a high neck. We want to look fancy even when celebrating on the couch at home, so take a look at the range of products offered by Mango, Sandro, Tom Tailor or Vila brands - you’ll be sure to discover that one comfortable yet fancy dress. Combine your favourite jewelry, shiny socks or red lipstick with such dresses. Put the bulbs on the Christmas tree and enjoy the upcoming 2022!

Have warm and cosy holidays!