2021 11 18

Cold season with SOULZ: what outerwear to choose to look stylish and feel comfortable?

When November comes, we don’t even notice that when the sky becomes overcast, our favourite coat becomes too thin, and leaving gloves at home becomes a catastrophe of the day. The good news is that we have prepared a lot of options for you on what outerwear to choose in order not only to feel comfortable and warm, but also to look extremely stylish!


An irreplaceable warm jacket

Living in Eastern Europe, where winters are quite unpredictable, a warm jacket becomes an irreplaceable clothing of the season. If you do not want your outfit to be dull, pay attention not to black but to exclusive colours - white, green, red, decorated with patterns or even shiny fabrics. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, SOULZ offers a choice of long down parkas - by choosing a slightly larger size, you will create an extremely fashionable oversized style and look extremely stylish.

Puffy vest - underneath and on top

Try something new this season and wear warm vests in a few different ways. One of them is to wear it under your favourite coat or jacket - it will warm you up perfectly, and you will show a stylish example of clothing layering. Another less common way is to wear a vest on a coat or even a thicker jacket. Double warmth - double style.

Elegant latex

If you are not afraid of experimenting, pay attention to latex or faux leather coats. Such coats may be a in a classic black colour but due to the texture of their fabric, coats will look stylish and will surely catch the eye of passers-by. Combine latex coats with knee-lenght boots and you will create an outfit worthy of a Hollywood movie. Also, we would suggest matching it with lightweight scarves instead of thick scarves in order not to make a chaos in your outfit.

Bright coat - the highlight of the season

If you don‘t like down jackets and only want to see coats in your closet, SOULZ suggests paying attention to bolder and brighter coloured coats that will become a real statement in your outfit. Choose rich yellow, green or even purple coats - you will definitely be noticed. Also, pay attention to the composition – coats containing wool and cashmere will be both warm and more durable.

Warm accessories - a necessity

If you have already chosen a stylish outerwear, pay attention to the accessories as well. These can be a warm scarf, a fur or a very fashionable bucket hat or even another jacket! A thinner jacket or sweater tied around your neck will not only become an extremely stylish accent but will also perfectly warm you up in a freezing weather.