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A timeless and never-ending classic - black and white colour combinations

A timeless and never-ending classic - black and white colour combinations

The saying "in case of doubt, choose black" has been heard by almost everyone. SOULZ wants to correct this saying and add another colour to it - white. The black and white colour combinations are a timeless classic that will look great in any occasion – in the streetwear, in the office or at a luxury party. However, what black & white clothes to choose and how to combine them? We will try to help you.


Tailored trousers

Tailored trousers are no longer just a part of a men’s wardrobe. They are also chosen by women in their outfits, because they are not only comfortable but also extremely elegant. A black suit will fit perfectly from the office to a festive dinner, and a white suit will be an exclusive accent in any event. To create an even more interesting outfit, separate the matching suits and combine black pants with a white jacket - you will definitely be noticed. This season's ultra-fashionable loafers will go well with suits as well, which you can combine with contrasting socks.

Black classic coat – a must in every wardrobe

When choosing any new clothing, we usually consider the black colour option because black matches with everything in our wardrobe. This rule also applies to coats – you should definitely have at least one black coat in your closet. Choose a long, straight cut, knee-length style with a more massive collar and decorated with exclusive buttons or a belt. Such coat will look great in all black outfits, with a luxurious white suit, or pants combined with stylish zebra patterns.

A must have for the cold season - a turtle neck sweater

Turtle neck sweaters are not only very functional and perfect protectors for the cold days but also extremely stylish. While they may seem more suitable for casual wear, choosing a black turtle neck sweater with jeans will give the elegance in the outfit. They also fit perfectly the suits. To combine this type of sweater with other garments, SOULZ offers to pay attention to thinner merino wool and cotton products, which will be high-quality, warm, but also perfect for layering clothes.

Black & White game

To bring a little more playfulness to the white and black colour outfits, SOULZ offers to pay attention to patterned clothing. Black and white check print is a very classic but at the same time extremely stylish choice, which can be combined with other solid colours. For example, the stylish zebra patterned jacket will be a real outfit statement and will go well with other bright clothes. If you have found the same zebra print pants or dress - great! Create an impressive outfit and travel to the New Year’s celebration. Combine such styles with one colour accessories, which will allow the main outfit to shine.

Classic colours - unexpected styles

Even if you’re a complete fan of the classics, don’t be afraid to elevate your outfits with clothes of the same colors but different fabrics. Pay attention to velvet, leather, or even mesh-like fabrics - they will give the layering style to the outfit. Also, handbags, light scarves, gloves, socks or even jewelry in black & white will go well with any outfit.